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Trashy Mystery

July 18, 1987

After reading Kevin Thomas' review of "Million Dollar Mystery" ("Treasure Quest Spoofs the Genre," July 12), I decided to see the movie. At least, I thought I was going to see a movie. As it turned out, I paid $5.50 to see a commercial.

You may have seen Tom Bosley advertising trash bags on television. He does the same thing in the movie, except we aren't supposed to notice.

It's hard not to notice, though, when the official entry form for the million-dollar sweepstakes says "Glad" all over it. One of the questions even refers to Bosley's character, Preston.

Clue No. 3: Preston stuffed the missing million in a Glad Handle-Tie Trash Bag (trademark included). This kind of blatant advertising and product exposure is slithering into today's films more and more commonly. I see it as a form of graffiti.

Thirty years from now, when I see one of today's films, I may not give a second thought to the character who is carefully handling a wrapped Nestle's Crunch Bar. I may even look with nostalgia at the "new" Toyota truck, displayed for product exposure as well as plot development.

But for today, in 1987, I am aware that Tom Bosley advertises trash bags on television.


La Verne

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