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Dodger Fans Paying and Suffering

July 18, 1987

My nominations for the 1987 All-Star team of ex-Dodgers are (with '87 records, as of the All-Star break, in parentheses):

Candy Maldonado (.332)

Jeffrey Leonard (.298)

Sid Bream (.289)

Greg Brock (.281)

Bill Buckner (.274)

And the pitchers:

Rick Sutcliffe (12-4)

Rick Rhoden (11-5)

Charlie Hough (10-4)

Dave Stewart (12-7)

Sid Fernandez (9-5)

Tommy John (8-3)

The Dodgers traded this crew for a total of 13 players. Only three--Tim Leary (1-5), Rick Honeycutt (2-9) and Alex Trevino (.264)--are still with the team. If there were a bottom 10 list for trades, the Dodgers would be at the top of it.


Manhattan Beach

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