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Cinema Charity

July 19, 1987

Richard Aronson feels that charity collections should not take place in United Artists theaters (Calendar Letters, July 12), and I must say that I couldn't agree with him more.

Having sat in the very same theater and been exposed to the same kind of "blatant pressure" to give a nickel or dime, I can attest to the severe emotional conflict this kind of solicitation evokes. I too was there to see "Roxanne," and like Aronson, the five-tenths of a second that the usher took to ask for a donation ruined the ensuing two hours of film.

I find it abhorrent that United Artists would come between me and my popcorn to ask for my money to help some kid I don't know get a wheelchair, or whatever it is those guys do with the cash.

It's just simple escalation, you know. Someday they'll be telling me to help old ladies across the street or to fix a flat tire for a pregnant woman. My God, maybe they'll make us donate blood at the box office and then we'll be too weak to sit through the film without collapsing.

Even worse, they may include a charity donation in the price of our ticket and I will have to sacrifice my usual large box of Goobers for a medium Pepsi and a Kit-Kat!

Perish the thought.



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