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Delicious Blueprint for a Gourmet Gala

July 19, 1987|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

You can be sure that every time the March of Dimes Gourmet Gala committee meets in coming months, the fare will be scrumptious. Since the gala date is Nov. 12 at the Registry Hotel, there's ample time for indulging. Gala chairmen Sheldon and Sandra Ausman and dinner chairmen Michael and Phyllis Hennigan whetted the appetites of the committee the other morning with a preview breakfast planned and prepared by the Regency Club chef, Joachim Splichal. Designer coffee, mosaic of fresh fruit with apricot yogurt, stuffed eggshell surprise, mini-raspberry pancakes, mini-pecan macadamia nut waffles, and mini-croissants and jams were on the menu.

Now, the committee can vacation and work off a few calories. After all, they have New York's Michael Carney's Orchestra booked for the Registry Hotel and have their honorary committee collected: Sen. Pete and Gayle Wilson, Atty. Gen. John and Andrea Van de Kamp, Roger and Joanne Kozberg, and Tim and Nancy Vreeland. The plan, too, is set: celebrity cooking competition in beautifully designed individual kitchens by outstanding interior designers. Celebrity cooks; eminent judges. And financing going superbly: 13 designer kitchens are planned and already more than half have been underwritten by $6,000 sponsors.

The committee is loaded with talent: Connie Abell, Carol Henry, Joan Hotchkis, Ann Johnson, Keith Kieschnick (she and Bill left for a few days salmon fishing this week), Carol King, Sue Christie, Pam Clyne, Carolbeth Korn, Susan Kranwinkle, Debbie Lanni, Pam Mullin, Dori Pinola, Peg Rahn and Debbie Tellefsen--for starters.

POLO PLAY: Gene and Roxanne Phillips flew in from Dallas on the DC-9 they bought from Kenny Rogers for the Golden Mallet Invitational Polo Tournament at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. (He's the head of Southmark; owner of the Remington in Houston; the Gotham in New York; the Sands, opening in Puerto Rico in December; the Royce, opening in September at Dana Point.) Roxanne, expecting in a month, was wearing multi Michael Kazanjian jewels. They were the guests of Harold and Annette Simmons of Dallas and Montecito (who own the estate Piranhurst, previously owned by Gene Hackman).

And they were only some of the jet-setters zeroing in on opening day of the U. S. Polo Assn.'s America Cup, one of the most prestigious polo tournaments in the United States. Gloria Holden and daughter Geannie Holden Sheller had masterminded the affair for the Day Nursery of the Assistance League. The look was supposed to be Ascot--flowered dresses and brimmed hats with a garden look. The only problem was that the wind was blowing, and most people in Southern California have misplaced their hatpins, which meant hats were blowing thither and yon. And so were table umbrellas.

Ten-goaler Robert Skene (who has played with Prince Philip) and his gracious wife, Elizabeth, had a front-rope spot with an umbrella and were the center of attention. Dennis Alfieri, who last month did the planning for Nancy Reagan when she went to Venice, was escorting pretty Saxon Baines of London. Jack and Carol Oxley were there from Tulsa. (His father John owns the Boca Raton Polo Club in Florida.) Puff and Bob Laverty brought Barbara Lewis of London, who pronounced the affair "more informal."

And there was a big contingent of Santa Barbarans, including Murielle and John LaTourette, mingling with Angelenos including Roscoe and Lydia Webb, Margaret and Ron Preisman, Hugh O'Brian, Robert Mitchum, Jackie and Randy Hill, Judge William and Cathy Rea, Bob Christiensen and Tenita (in a beige linen Carolina Herrera), Victoria Bolker and her 5-year-old Alexander, Ed and Yvonne Cazier (whose guests Stephen and Linda Griffith stopped by Sandyland to visit the Peter Eichlers), Gloria Stout and Leona Boal of the Artisans (co-sponsors with the Day Nursery Auxiliary), Craig Parsky, Joanna and David Rice of Pasadena and Jaclyn and Randy Hill of Whittier. There were no knickers, but by the last chukker, Bob Fell's Santa Barbara Aloha team (Red Armour, Mike Carney, Charlie Flanders and Fell) had triumphed 8-2 over Glen A. Holden's Gehache group (Daniel and Martin Gonzalez, Melisio Soto and son, Glen A. Holden).

KEEPING UP: The board of directors of Hathaway Home for Children has voted to change the name of the program to Hathaway Children's Services. It cares for 150 abused children through its residential program and another 230 families in the outpatient clinic.

CROWNS: The Coronet Debutante Ball board of National Charity League hosts its announcement luncheon honoring debutantes Aug. 8 at the Bel-Air Country Club, according to Mrs. W. Malcolm O'Donnell, ball director.

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