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One-Stop Air Fastener Retail Outlet Opens

July 19, 1987|Dale Baldwin

Air powered or pneumatic tools--once almost exclusively used by professionals--are gaining wide acceptance among do-it-yourselfers.

If you're planning on doing a lot of hammering, you might want to consider buying a pneumatic tool and a compressor and save the wear and tear on your arm. The elbow is particularly susceptible to damage and veteran carpenters often suffer from the building industry equivalent of tennis elbow.

Recognizing the importance of pneumatic tools and the fasteners that go in them, Active Sales Co., a long-time supplier of products to commercial customers, has opened the first of a planned series of FAS'N'GO showrooms just off the Santa Ana (5) and 605 freeways in centrally located Santa Fe Springs. It stocks 120 different models of nailers, staplers and bradders and more than 1,500 fastener sizes and accessories, according to the firm's division manager, David Warfield.

If you need repairs on your ailing air tool, FAS'N'GO might be a good place to start since it has service facilities and four workers who can fix any foreign or domestic air tool.

The store in a landscaped industrial park at 11824 Hamden Place, just north of Telegraph Road, also has a line of hot gluing devices and glue, as well as a selection of high-quality Freud saws and chisels from Italy.

The store is also a retail outlet for the Paslode Impulse 300/75 power nailer that does away with both electric cords and air for heavy-duty nailing. With a list price of about $900, this is a professional tool that serious do-it-yourselfers might consider using if they're planning a major project. I'll report on this tool in a future column.

Believe it or not, this truly revolutionary tool was developed by a firm based in a Chicago suburb, not in Tokyo or Munich, and is manufactured in Illinois!

Donald Reinke, president of Orbis International, P.O. Box 112, Santa Paula, Calif. 93060, saw my June 14 column mentioning 3M's Anti-Slip tape. He's the distributor of a transparent tape designed specifically for tubs and showers, made by U.S. Porcelain Products, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Five 1-by-31-inch strips retail for $15.95 from Orbis, he said. The tape is paper-thin and works equally well on porcelain, plastic and fiberglass units. Because it's so thin, it doesn't collect dirt or mildew around the edges, Reinke said.

Considering how slippery a bathtub or shower can get--as magnate Armand Hammer found out recently when he slipped and fell in getting out of his bathtub and broke a rib--it's a wise investment.

Speaking of the Scotch Anti-Slip tape, it should be available in most hardware stores and home centers. Several readers asked about its availability and the 3M people said that it is stocked at Standard Brands, True-Value hardware stores, Ace hardware stores and places like Roscoe Hardware, 8165 San Fernando Road, Sun Valley, and American Wholesale Hardware, 1500 W. Anaheim St., Long Beach.

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