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THE WORD IS GETTING OUT ON NORTH : Letters on the Hearings

July 22, 1987|HOWARD ROSENBERG | Times Television Critic

We get letters. . . .

This batch responds to two columns about the Iran- contra hearings. One noted the preponderance of symbols and near-unopposed pro-contra propaganda associated with Lt. Col. Oliver L. North's testimony. The other column noted North's daytime ratings success.

What's a nice fellow like you doing working for the Los Angeles Times when you could be working for Pravda, or Tass? Your column epitomizes what is wrong with the media. After months of anti-Reagan propaganda--and we know today he didn't lie--you just can't stand hearing from the other side.

Ollie's slides, you say, were propaganda for the contras. Surely you won't deny that The Times and the electronic press have been beating the drums for the communist regime of Ortega as he does the advance work for the Soviets in their coming encroachment in Central America.

Give it up. You had your Jane Fonda, fresh from treachery in Vietnam. We have our Oliver North and, if God is just, we'll soon have the "Oliver North Aerobics" cassettes and a chain of workout salons. Perhaps, hopefully, there'll be a book and a picture. If she can have love and fame for giving aid and comfort to an enemy, Ollie must deserve even more because he was on our side.


Los Angeles

I cannot believe the public is so shallow as to be taken in by this performance. We have just celebrated the anniversary of our Constitution and are now encouraging people such as Ollie to subvert the law in the name of patriotism. He broke the law and seems to consider his fervor to be preeminent. My heart breaks for this country if he is to be lionized.


Newport Beach

After reading your Oliver North diatribe, I wondered if you had seen the same Col. North testimony that I viewed. The reason why Col. North stood out in the dog-and-pony political show is that the people were able to see and analyze first hand, rather than through the filter of biased reporting.

You convey the idea that Col. North was a consummate actor rather than a sincere, passionate advocate of freedom and democracy. Passionate enough to put himself at risk time and time again to further the cause of anti-communism in Central America. You evidently don't believe in it. When will you--when the communists are in Tijuana?


South Pasadena

It's a disgrace that Oliver North was allowed--nay, encouraged--by the joint congressional panel to plead the contras' slimy cause. His whole premise is wrong. There is no Soviet menace a la Nicaragua. And his "freedom fighters" are mostly remnants of the notorious Somoza national guard or their conscripts whose mode of operation includes rape, torture and the targeting of schools, clinics, farm cooperatives and civic projects like the hydroelectric effort where they murdered Ben Linder. The networks owe those of us who oppose contra aid a lot of free time.


San Pedro

It's always hard to see a grown man cry. But you are so cute when you pout, Howard. You liberals are such poor sports! Oliver North won, you lost.



Think about the negative effect all this cheating, lying and use of funds illegally by North and Poindexter must have on young people. How can they truly believe lying and cheating doesn't pay off when we make heroes out of such people?


Laguna Beach

Your name may be Rosenberg, but your blatant anti-Semitism and self-hatred come through in your description of Senate chief counsel Arthur Liman. It is derogatory, irrelevant, inappropriate and superfluous. You make him appear to be an uneducated, greasy Jewish gangster and not the erudite interrogator that he is.

Though Chairman Daniel K. Inouye plays a prominent role in these hearings, you never mention this hero in your article, someone who lost an arm fighting for his country while relatives and friends were interned behind barbed wire fences and someone who still experiences "ugly ethnic slurs."

We have enough problems trying to deal with racism from those outside our heritage. Jews like you offend and nauseate me.


Los Angeles

I was a city councilman for a year and watched small-town politicians play their games. Now I'm watching this country being buffooned by our own government.

Why didn't anyone ask: Who photographed the slides Oliver North used? How do we know they weren't set-ups? Why did North not recall all of the problems, but knew each slide as if he took them himself? Why don't we interview or question the contributors to the contras?

Please, please, please do more to discredit these military maggots, these buffoons of budgetry, these devils of diversion. Let us know how we are being sucked in. Hitler's men also followed orders.


Los Angeles

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