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July 22, 1987

A fine feature (June 14) by reporter David Holley on retired U.S. Army Col. Young Oak Kim was marred by an abominable headline proclaiming, "Combat in WWII Catalyst for Asian Invasion of U.S. Mainstream."

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines "invasion" as: "Incursion of an army for conquest or plunder," or "the incoming or spread of something usually hurtful."

To say that the efforts of a minority group to fight discrimination and attain equal opportunity in society somehow constitutes an "invasion" is an insult to all Americans, whether they are Asian or not.

A second version of the story's headline, "War Hero Still Fights on the Equality Front," was accurate and appropriate.



Los Angeles Chapter

Asian American Journalists Assn.

(The headline complained of, which ran in the first edition, was corrected in all later editions to the second version. --Ed.)

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