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Raiders : Steve Smith, No. 3 Pick, Agrees to Terms

July 23, 1987|MARK HEISLER | Times Staff Writer

OXNARD — Raider rookie camp opened Wednesday without three of the top four picks: No. 1 John Clay, No. 2 Bruce Wilkerson and No. 4 Steve Beuerlein, all still unsigned. The No. 3 pick, fullback Steve Smith of Penn State, agreed to terms earlier in the day and reported on time.

Clay and Wilkerson are offensive linemen. Wilkerson's agent, Neal Allen, says he expects his client to play a lot this season and is asking to be paid appropriately.

Allen says he expects his client to play because the Raiders have asked two of their veterans to retire.

"From what I understand, Mickey Marvin and Henry Lawrence were asked not to come back to camp," Allen said.

Lawrence, 35, is a 14-year pro, a Pro Bowl pick in '83-84, who lost his starting right tackle job to Shelby Jordan late last season.

Marvin, 31, is an 11-year veteran who started all season at right guard and, reportedly, was graded second on the line only to center Don Mosebar over the season. However, with Chris Riehm, Charley Hannah, Bill Lewis and Curt Marsh, the Raiders have a logjam at guard, too. They usually keep only eight offensive linemen.

However, Coach Tom Flores denied the suggestion.

"It's not true," Flores said. "Right now, they (Lawrence and Marvin) are on our roster, scheduled to come in."

As expected, Napoleon McCallum isn't here. And as things now stand, he won't be in camp at all.

Now for the first time, the Raiders are talking as if they're getting set to go without him.

"According to what Napoleon told me," Flores said, "being stationed in Alameda, and because of the ship he's on, he doesn't get his 30-day leave at this time.

"It's like anything else. The guys here are the ones you have to be concerned about. Nap was a good part of our team. We hope he works things out with the U.S. Navy, but we still have to go on."

Practices start this morning. The Raider rookies will scrimmage the Cowboy rookies Sunday at 2 p.m. in Thousand Oaks.

First casualty of the wide receiver glut: Tim Moffett has been moved to defensive back.

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