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Joan Collins in Victory on Marriage Pact

July 24, 1987|From Times Wire Services

In a victory for "Dynasty" star Joan Collins, a Los Angeles judge today upheld a prenuptial agreement between the actress and her estranged husband, former Swedish rock star Peter Holm.

Superior Court Judge Earl Riley said the agreement--which limits Holm to 20% of the actress' earnings during their 13-month marriage--says nothing about support. Holm had argued that the document was a clarification of an existing support arrangement and not a prenuptial agreement.

"There is no question in the court's mind that this prenuptial agreement signed by both parties was bargained for over a long, long period of time, over a period of many months," Riley said. "The court finds and holds that the agreement, executed Oct. 23, 1985, was a valid and legal agreement."

'Understood Meaning'

The judge also said that he believes that both Holm and Collins understood what they were signing and that "Ms. Collins and Mr. Holm understood the meaning of all five paragraphs."

Riley set Aug. 18 to determine whether there will be a hearing to consider Holm's request for $80,000 a month in temporary spousal support.

"I feel sorry it had to end like this," Collins told reporters in the courtroom. "I'm very happy that justice has been done."

Asked what she would demand in another long-term relationship, the actress said: "Freedom. Freedom from all entanglements."

Collins conceded the agreement was "stupid" in the legal sense, but said her long hours made it rather difficult on her.

"I fight a lot in my work. Sometimes it is easier to give in than go on fighting at home," she said.

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