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Hey, Hey, Tammy Faye

July 24, 1987

We were skeptical to read (View, July 20) that Tammy Faye Bakker had never been in a beauty shop before last week's cosmetic makeover in San Francisco. But, hey, if that's what Tammy said, who were we to doubt? On Wednesday, however, a Listen reader blew Tammy's cover, with a letter telling us that Tammy had made a memorable visit to Joe diMartino's salon on 3rd Street in L.A. about a year ago. We checked with shop owner DiMartino, who remembered the Bakker visit well. She arrived wearing "enough diamonds and rubies to choke a horse, plus a round diamond ring of about 13 carats," DiMartino recalled. What's more, she brought three friends with her, all of whom arrived in a white stretch limo after flying from South Carolina on what Bakker referred to as her private jet. DiMartino added that Bakker came to L.A. specifically for the appointment at his shop, where she had her hair colored and had long hair woven right onto her own short curls. Tammy "liked her new long-hair look so much" that she invited stylist Michael Disney and hair weaver Alison Greenpalm to visit Heritage U.S.A., Fort Mill, S.C. There they taught their secrets to beauticians in Tammy's own beauty shop. Greenpalm has since left DiMartino's shop, but we did speak to Disney, who confirmed the story, although he refused to give us what we knew would be priceless details. "I think enough has been said about this whole thing. I'd really rather not talk," Disney said.

Hooked on Electronics

Add this to the list of things your mother never told you. Brides-to-be want boogie boards and portable video cameras for their weddings. Listen hears from Catherine Perez--the first bridal director of Adray's, no less--that the store better known for its electronics and home appliances has started a bridal-registry service. China and silver are the least interesting things on anybody's list. One engaged couple wants an exercise bike, and another asked for a whirlpool attachment for their bathtub, Perez recalls. She personally requested the portable video camera. It so happens she's getting married in October.

Thicke Picked Thin

Thieves broke into Alan Thicke's home recently and wanted only one thing: his clothes. They were bad guys with good taste, the entertainer told Listen when we discovered him shopping at Rick Pallack in Sherman Oaks. We didn't stick around to see what it takes for Thicke to maintain his reputation as "Best Dressed Talk Show Host." But Pallack said the entertainer selected so much and needed it so quickly, it required four tailors working overtime to get everything ready. His new wardrobe includes a number of dressy black cotton unconstructed suits to wear with white tux shirts and colorful bow ties. He was able to replace a favorite mink-trimmed, black cashmere topcoat with the identical item, but his luck ran out when he wanted to duplicate a purloined Italian suede jacket. "Only 12 were ever made," said Pallack.

A Rambling Brooke

Brooke Shields, fresh out of Princeton University and passing time in Malibu this summer, dropped in at Leather Waves in Cross Creek Shopping Center last weekend. In white shorts and shirt, the model-cum-actress headed for the rack of men's sport coats and tried on a white leather double-breasted jacket with shoulder pads. "She just rolled up the sleeves and wore it casual," co-owner Bill Wall tells Listen. In addition to the jacket, Shields bought a pair of silver, leather and beaded earrings. And, Brooke watchers, she said she may return in quest of a leather skirt.

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