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Highway Violence a Reflection on Us

July 30, 1987

On behalf of the staff and board of directors of Jewish Family Service of Greater Long Beach and West Orange County, we are deeply grieved by the recent violence that has touched us all personally--the freeway shooting of Paul Nussbaum, who was a USC graduate intern at our agency during the 1985-86 school year. It is particularly poignant that a man who demonstrated a commitment to helping others and recently completed his training to become a professional social worker became a victim of such a senseless crime.

This recent rash of freeway violence in Southern California is a reflection of what Jewish Family Service deals with daily in helping people to learn to manage their aggressive feelings and impulsive behavior. Today's statistics reveal an increase in violent behavior within our society, such as domestic violence, child abuse, rape and suicide. These violent behaviors are an unfortunate illustration of the way our society copes with frustration and anger.

One can only conclude that in a society such as ours, instruments of violence should not and must not be made so readily available. Handgun control in this country has been a major political football. Lobbyists and special-interest groups for the right to bear arms promote the sale and accessibility of handguns as a personal freedom.

As concerned citizens, we believe the right to bear arms is far less important to us than the opportunity to live in a safe environment, free from the violence Paul Nussbaum encountered.


executive director


president of the board of directors

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