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'This Is Simply One Case Too Many'

August 06, 1987

(A story in the July 26 San Gabriel Valley section reported on) a sentence meted out by Judge Sam Cianchetti to William Hurtt for the death of 2-year-old Caesar Reyes.

How offensive to everyone and what a horrible example for the court system. How could the judge possibly change the charge from murder to something else?

. . . Why was no conclusion reached on the other 24 bruises this little boy had on his body? Both his mother and (her boyfriend) should have been taken to task for each of those. Didn't the judge take into consideration how this little fellow must have suffered?

. . . The judge said the family of Hurtt stood behind him. Who was there to stand behind little Caesar Reyes?

(Hurtt's) family could visit him in prison, as that is where he belongs for a long time . . . for this heinous offense against this little bit of humanity.

I, too, believe the judge should resign on the basis of this one case, as this is simply "one case too many!"


South San Gabriel

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