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Pasadena : Candidates List Spending

August 06, 1987

The nine candidates in the March election for the Board of Directors spent a total of nearly $148,000 during the campaign, according to final campaign contribution reports.

Former Director William Cathey topped the field by spending $40,409 in his unsuccessful attempt to keep his District 6 seat. The victor, Kathryn Nack, spent $34,425, and a third candidate, Nina Cash, spent $6,276.

In the District 2 race, Director Rick Cole spent $13,163 in defeating challenger Billie Williams, who spent $9,440.

In the hotly contested District 4 race, William Paparian spent $16,964 to unseat veteran board member Jo Heckman, who spent $9,143. A third candidate, David Rodger Headrick, spent only $332.

In District 1, Mayor John Crowley spent $17,867 to defeat Maurice Simpson, who did not file a campaign finance report.

One of the most expensive campaigns of the year was waged by the Yes on the Huntington Hotel Committee, which spent $111,797 to defeat an attempt by preservationists to stop the demolition of the historic hotel. The committee, formed by the developers who plan to tear down the hotel's main building and replace it with a similar-looking modern hotel, easily outspent the preservation group, Defenders of the Huntington Hotel, which raised only $8,530.

Voters in the May 19 referendum on the hotel approved the developers' plan to tear down the building by a vote of 7,032 to 5,088.

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