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9th Deb Ball Is an Evening of Contrasts

August 06, 1987|BEVERLY BUSH SMITH

Contrast and excitement marked the presentation of nine North Orange County debutantes at Les Amis des Femmes' ninth annual debutante ball at the Westin South Coast Plaza Hotel.

One moment, the debs were chattering and giggling in girlish anticipation. The next, they stood in the spotlight looking the epitome of poised womanhood.

Early in the evening, the young women danced an elegant waltz. Later, they kicked up their white high heels to the rock beat of Barry Cole's Sounds of Music orchestra.

More than 250 guests applauded each debutante Saturday night as she stepped through a white archway abloom with pink flowers, curtsied, then joined her father (or other relative) to promenade the length of the ballroom.

"(Presentation) is that special moment together for father and daughter before she goes off to college," observed Les Amis member Pat Riehl. With tickets tabbed at $60, ball chairman Verna Rongey anticipated proceeds of $7,000.

The funds will be used to benefit the Women's Transitional Living Center, a north Orange County shelter that provides refuge, counseling, food and community resources to women and children who are victims of family violence. According to president JoAnne Thompson, Les Amis des Femmes is the shelter's primary source of support.

The hotel ballroom had been transformed into a fantasy of pink and white. On each mirror-centered table, votive candles flanked three elevated tiers decked with pink tulips, carnations, roses and myriad other blossoms.

Guests dined on a salad of butter lettuce and baby shrimp, medal lions of beef and veal with mustard and madeira sauce.

The debs, all recent high school graduates, were chosen for their contributions to community, school or place of worship.

Debutante Florence Owens of Fullerton said the festivities brought her family together, "everyone but the dogs," she said, laughing.

Fullerton deb Georgina Dimasin's grandmother had tied 100 yards of white satin ribbon to make the scores of tiny bows on her gown. "She kept calling me and saying, 'I need another spool of ribbon,' " Georgina said.

Other debutantes from Fullerton were Clarinda Gonzales, Kristen Miyeko Iboshi, and Danna Carol Whiteside.

Also making their social debuts were Michelle Rachel Kramer of La Habra; Julie K. McKnight of Placentia; Alison Munger of Yorba Linda, and Diane Charron Walsh of Buena Park.

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