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2 Can Fly at Cost of 1

August 09, 1987|JACK ADLER

Pan Am has another coupon program, this time only for business and first-class passengers.

If you fly round trip on the carrier to Europe, the Middle East, Africa or Latin America before Sept. 11, you will get a coupon that permits you to buy two tickets for the price of one to anywhere the airline flies in the Caribbean, Mexico, The Bahamas or the United States.

Remember to start your travel before Sept. 11. The return flight can be after that. Any first/business-class tickets bought since July 1 qualify you for the coupon as long as the outbound flight from the United States took place after July 1 or is before Sept. 11.

The two-for-one coupon is good for travel on any class of service, Mondays through Thursdays, between Sept. 14 and May 15, 1988.

However, there are blackout periods during various holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, and both passengers have to fly together round trip.

The coupons cannot be used with tickets based on certain promotional rates, such as non-refundable, children/infant, charter or military fares. But the coupons are valid with any full-fare tickets, including excursion and Apex fares.

If you're already enrolled in Pan Am's frequent-fly program, you'll also get extra mileage bonuses, both for the original ticket and the one ticket you pay for when using the coupon. No mileage is given for the passenger using the coupon.

This coupon program is subject to the approval of foreign governments. Airlines are allowed to advertise programs like this before receiving such approvals as long as their promotional material and ads indicate that official authorizations are pending.

Pan Am will honor its coupon offer even if a foreign country turns down the promotion, as long as you have already bought your round-trip ticket to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and/or South America, according to an airline spokeswoman.

It will take about four weeks before you can get your coupon from the airline's distribution center, so give yourself enough time to plan for its use. You'll have to send in your original round-trip boarding passes and the remainder of your ticket to the distribution center before Nov. 15.

The coupons are non-transferable. Contact travel agents or Pan Am at (800) 221-1111.

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