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To Joan Collins, House Is Not Home to Holm

August 16, 1987|RUTH RYON | Times Staff Writer

Joan Collins is scheduled to go back to court Tuesday to bicker over Peter Holm's request for $80,000 in temporary spousal support.

Holm has been claiming that he still is entitled to the property and income any husband would be due under California's community property laws.

So the question:

Is TV's "Dynasty" star in jeopardy of losing part or all of the Beverly Hills mansion she bought for $2 million in May, 1986, and moved into, after extensive renovations, about last January? She married the former Swedish pop star in November, 1985.

Not to worry, if you're a Joan Collins fan, says Stephen Shapiro of Stan Herman & Associates, who represented Collins in buying the gated 12,000-square-foot mansion, built in the early '60s by the late British actor Laurence Harvey.

"She put up the money, and it's in her name," he said. "It's one of the smartest things she did."

Shapiro's office also represented Collins, as seller, and movie producer Freddie Fields ("Tender Mercies," "Crimes of the Heart"), as buyer, in the sale last month of Collins' 5,000-square-foot former home, nearby. It was listed at $695,000, after Collins reduced it in January from $995,000.

Holm vacated that home at the time of the sale, which went for close to the asking price, Shapiro acknowledged.

Collins moved from that house about the time she announced that she was seeking an annulment.

Elizabeth Taylor is looking to sell the Puerto Vallarta place she has owned for 24 years.

"It's very romantic," Elaine Young, who shares the $1-million listing with Arlene Cook at Alvarez, Hyland & Young in Beverly Hills, said of the home in Mexico.

During the first 10 years or so that she owned the retreat, the gorgeous actress was married to actor Richard Burton, who died three years ago this month.

The home is actually two houses connected by a bridge. There are seven bedrooms, one with a pink sunken bath.

Why is Taylor selling? "I think she's just not using it enough, not going there enough," Young said.

Taylor's main residence is in Bel-Air, and Young sold Taylor that house in 1982.

What's $2 million?!

John Wayne's former Newport Beach house, most recently owned by the late Burton Green Bettingen (one of Beverly Hills co-founder Burton Green's daughters), has been reduced from the $10.6 million it was listed for about a year ago to $8.5 million, says Bill Cote, who has the listing.

Wayne owned the house before Bettingen, who bought it after the actor's death in 1979. Wayne lived there about 14 years.

Hardly anybody has seen these famous rooms complete with original furniture since the late great architect, Rudolph M. Schindler, died in 1953, but to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth Sept. 10, plans are being made to show them the way they were.

The rooms, two studios in the landmark Schindler House in West Hollywood, will be open to the public Oct. 11 to Jan. 10. They are being restored to the way they looked in the '20s, with furniture lent by the Schindler family.

In the other two studios of the house, there will be photomurals, a model of the building and a movie shot in 1928 by architect Richard Neutra of his wife and children living and playing there.

Schindler designed the home, completed in 1922, for two married couples, including himself and his wife, and the Neutras moved in later.

It will be $6 a head, generally, to get into the house, but it will be $200 a person or $2,500 a table to get into a gala dinner cooked by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck on Oct. 10 as part of the Schindler Centennial.

Another well-known architect, Norman Pfeiffer, has leased the former Brentwood estate of pop singer Jermaine Jackson, which sold last year for about $4.5 million.

So says Linda May of Caverhill & May, Beverly Hills. She represented the buyer and was involved, with Stephen Shapiro of Stan Herman & Associates (there's that name again), in the lease transaction.

Designed by architect James Dolena, the house was built in 1940 on almost two acres of rolling lawns with a swimming pool and cabana.

Pfeiffer, of New York-based Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer & Associates, was the partner in charge of design for the recently completed Robert O. Anderson wing of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Get ready Bel-Air: An Irvine Ranch Farmers Market will open at Bel Air Marketplace, 640 Sepulveda Blvd., in early September, and other shops--including a dim sum cafe and gourmet Chinese restaurant--will open in early October. That per Jerrold Fine, developer with David Flynn of the $18-million complex.

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