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Use of Park Land the Logical Choice

August 20, 1987

Lee Harris' story "School Site Struggle" (Southeast / Long Beach sections, Aug. 9) was thought-provoking. The problems which confront officials and residents of the overcrowded Lynwood Unified School District, particularly Lynwood High, were clearly exemplified.

It is unfortunate that the district has been forced in the direction of condemning ". . . the successful Lynwood Adventist Academy," as society can hardly afford to destroy anything which has proven successful in educating our children.

The position that the Lynwood City Council has taken regarding the use of Ham Park for the purpose of expanding, seems to me, most unfortunate because that site seems to represent the one which would prove least disruptive.

Essentially, it boils down to a question of value: whether it is more valuable to have the park to enjoy or whether to provide space to create an environment where youngsters may learn. Overcrowded conditions not only can disrupt the learning process but, at their worst, could prevent it altogether. Further, what good is a park if the mind of those who frequent it has been stifled? Or to put it another way, it's like dusting the furniture when the house is on fire.

It is hoped that the mayor will be able to persuade the council to rethink its position and consider what would be the most good for all concerned.

Former School Supt. Charlie Mae Knight had the right idea. But if it absolutely cannot be done, then in the public interest the only other most logical choice would be to build a larger school in the place of a smaller one, albeit destruction in the process.



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