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Loosen Up, 10%-ers

August 23, 1987

Sitting here in Paris, I read your seminal corpus on the new breed of Hollywood power brokers ("Power Players," by Paul Rosenfield and Michael Cieply, July 26) with a great deal of interest.

Are any of them having fun?

Back it 1960 (it seems the neo-Paleolithic age), when I opened an agency representing people like Graham Greene, William Goldman, Clifford Odets, James Goldman, Fay Kanin, Lee J. Cobb and Ann-Margret (I could go on), it seemed like the whole thing was feudin', fussin' and having a good time.

From here, it all reads like an eight-day week of teeth grinding and gnashing.

Most of the names are known to me and quite possibly mine to them. Therefore, may I add my professional opinion to include the name of Jerry Zeitman, president of the Agency, to the list of people who give the client the most bang for the buck and enjoy the whole day with gusto.

If I were starting, he is the man I should turn to for sheer expertise, exuberance, loyalty, negotiating wisdom and, of course, career guidance.

To all others, if you can't act, write, direct or produce: Relax. Being an agent is the most fun a person can have in show business, top or bottom. It's a wonderful challenge, a stimulating adventure and a heck of a good way to help people fulfill their lives.

There are days when I actually miss it.



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