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Arresting Thought

August 30, 1987|Leonard Klady

And you thought Hollywood wasn't making any quality movies? Ha.

Filming begins Sept. 28 in Miami on Warners' "Police Academy V: Assignment Miami."

The latest outing for the intrepid defenders of the law kicks off with venerable Inspector Lassard (George Gaines) named Policeman of the Decade. A celebration for him follows at a national law-enforcement convention. Also on hand will be "Academy" grads Bubba Smith, Michael Winslow, David Graf, Leslie Easterbrook and G. W. Bailey.

No Steve Guttenberg?

Producer Paul Maslansky told Outtakes he had been confident that the actor--who's threatened to leave the series before--would be back.

But this time, says Maslansky, Guttenberg is sticking to his word.

In fact, the actor also nixed "Short Circuit II."

Guttenberg is vacationing in Europe and unavailable for comment.

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