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Eclipsed Stars

August 30, 1987

When Groucho Marx died on Aug. 19, 1977, much of the world was still mourning Elvis Presley, whose untimely death preceded Groucho's by only three days.

Consequently, while there was an avalanche of tributes to Elvis, Groucho's death received the shortest of shrift. Now it is the 10th anniversary of Presley's death, and his countenance graces the covers of countless newspapers and magazines, his movies run all week on local stations, and various television specials spotlight his talent.

But there has been little or no recognition that this is also the 10th anniversary of Groucho's passing.

I can't say whether Groucho was to comedy as Elvis was to rock 'n' roll, but he did manage to conquer Broadway, motion pictures, radio, television and die a legend--all without having to play Vegas in the process.

I won't begrudge Elvis any of the accolades accorded him, but there are other kings, in other kingdoms, on other thrones.


Sherman Oaks

Stoliar was Marx's secretary/archivist for the last three years of the comedian's life.

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