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We Have Not Lost Our Parental Rights

August 30, 1987

This letter is in response to Marcella Melendez's letter to Al Martinez (Times, Aug. 16).

Melendez indicates that Hispanics "tenaciously hold on to the virtue of children respecting their parents" and makes it sound as if they are the only people who do. Well, let us inform her that the world (even Culver City) is made up of many kinds of people, many of whom are parents, and of those, many care about their children and tenaciously hold on to the virtue of respecting one's parents. How racist of her to think that only "her people" can be good parents.

Culver City is a racially and culturally balanced community. The students in the schools follow that same pattern. Most of the young people there turn out to be respectful, law-abiding, contributing members of our society. How could that be if only Hispanic parents raise their children the "correct way?"

Why does she assume that just because Mr. Martinez has a Hispanic last name, he must agree with what she says or he has "abandoned those traits?" We don't always agree with what Martinez has to say, but this time he was right on!

We parents have not "lost most of our parental rights," as Melendez says, but some have thrown away those rights (and responsibilities) away. The only way our children will grow to be well-informed adults capable of making their own decisions is by parents working together with the schools to ensure that finest education is being offered. Melendez, wanting to be the parent for all the children in Culver City, is not going to accomplish this end.



Culver City

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