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Irvine Boxing : Hernandez Easily Defeats Wyatt

September 01, 1987|STEVE KRESAL | Times Staff Writer

Genaro Hernandez landed several hard punches as he dominated his fight with Kenny Wyatt Monday night at the Irivne Marriott. And he had the sore hands to prove it.

He sat in his dressing room after the fight, his hands buried in an ice bucket, after scoring a unanimous 10-round decision in front of 1,184 in the featured bout between featherweights.

The judges scores were, 99-91, 99-92 and 100-90.

Hernandez of Los Angeles improved to 13-0 and Wyatt of New York is 12-2-1.

Hernandez rushed off his chair in the first round to land a series of combinations and was clearly ahead early. The fighters exchanged punches for most of the first round and there were several times in the first five rounds when they stood toe-to-toe much to the delight of the crowd.

Useing a solid right jab, Hernandez was able to keep Wyatt away most of the time and prevent him from landing solid punches.

"I just worked the ropes and kept him away with my jab," Hernandez said as he lifted his hands from the ice to show off the swelling. "I hurt my hands in the second and third rounds from just hitting him."

The fighters slowed down in the final three rounds and the only time Wyatt was close to being knocked down was in the fifth when he fell down after being hit by a left-right combination. The ring judge ruled it a slip though and there was no standing eight count.

"I hadn't fought in nine months," Hernandez said. "I was happy it went all 10 rounds, I needed the work." Milford Kemp (9-3-3) of Venice scored a technical knockout over Jeff McCracken of Orange in the fourth round at 172 pounds in the semi-main event.

Kemp landed a series of right jabs that opened a cut over the left eye of McCracken in third round. Kemp's jabs opened and made the cut deeper in the fourth round.

The fight was stopped on the advice of the ring doctor before the start of the fifth round.

In earlier bouts:

Kengo Fukuda (6-1) of Japan won a six-round split decision over Francisco Jimenez (2-3) of Los Angeles at 126 pounds.

Chris McVicker (2-0) of Huntington Beach won a four-round unanimous decision over Bon Livsey (0-2) of Pomona at 180 pounds.

Sal Lujan (2-1) of Huntington Beach knocked out Roger Carrillo (1-2-2) in the second round at 140 pounds.

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