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Plunkett's Status on Roster Is Tenuous

September 01, 1987|MARK HEISLER

The Raiders will cut their roster to 60 today while everyone waits to see what happens to Jim Plunkett.

Assuming that Hilger and Marc Wilson hold the 1-2 slots, will the Raiders keep a 39-year-old No. 3?

"Usually, when you have a third quarterback, he's a young guy," Coach Tom Flores said Monday. "Someone who has a chance to be something in three-four years."

Is there any assurance the Raiders will even keep three quarterbacks?

"It really is hard to go with three," said Flores. "We really don't have a commitment to going with three."

New best bet: Plunkett to start the season on injured reserve.

For the Raiders, the good news was that they kept a right guard--Bill Lewis--healthy through an entire game. The bad news is that they lost right tackle Shelby Jordan, who suffered a tear in his right triceps. Jordan underwent tests Monday but is considered more week to week than day to day.

The Raiders traded Willard Goff, a defensive tackle who got into only one of their three exhibitions, to the 49ers for a draft choice, presumably on a round in double figures. Why the 49ers would trade anything for a player certain to be cut is something you'll have to ask them, but they have Jeff Stover holding out.

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