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Aquino Report Cites Plot to Kill Americans, Raid CIA

September 02, 1987|Associated Press

MANILA — Conspirators in plots leading to last week's bloody coup attempt discussed killing Americans and burning CIA headquarters in Manila, the government said today.

A general who commanded the army under deposed President Ferdinand E. Marcos was involved in plotting a military takeover, said the report, prepared by President Corazon Aquino's security force and released by the Presidential Palace.

Aquino, in a national broadcast today, said 53 people were killed in Friday's coup attempt, including 12 loyal soldiers, 19 rebel troops and 22 civilians. Hundreds were wounded, including her son, Benigno Aquino III.

Destabilization Discussed

The "after-battle" report said Marcos loyalists met July 14 at a Manila restaurant to discuss "CIA support for destabilization," bombing campaigns, the assassination of three unidentified Americans and "burning of CIA headquarters." It did not elaborate.

The charges of plotting to kill Americans and to attack the CIA were in the background part of the report, and it was unclear whether all were part of the same conspiracy and why other plots were postponed.

Maj. Gen. Eduardo Ermita, deputy chief of staff, declined comment and said he was unaware of the report.

The report named Maj. Gen. Josephus Ramas, former army commander, as being involved in plotting a military takeover. Aquino fired Ramas after taking power in a February, 1986, civilian-military uprising that ousted Marcos, who fled to Hawaii.

'Blitzkrieg' Planned

The report said intelligence agents learned that Ramas and Col. Gregorio (Gringo) Honasan planned a "blitzkrieg attack" last June, but it was postponed.

Honasan, who led Friday's coup attempt, remained at large, and the military intensified air and ground searches for him in Manila and north and east of the capital.

Aquino said 50 officers and 1,300 enlisted men took part in the revolt but did not say if that included those who joined in Cebu City, San Fernando and southeastern Luzon. She said 1,033 mutineers were in custody.

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