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Los Angeles Festival : Monthlong Fest To Open With City Hall Gala

September 03, 1987

The Los Angeles Festival opens today. The festival is a monthlong event in which more than 30 artistic performers and groups representing 21 nations, will perform in about 40 productions, bringing with them seven world and nine U.S. premieres.

DATES: Sept. 3-27.

LOCATIONS: Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Embassy Theatre, Fletcher Bowron Square, James A. Doolittle Theatre, Japan America Theatre, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles Theatre Center, Mark Taper Forum and Raleigh Film & TV Studios Nos. 11 and 12.

OPENING DAY: Public opening ceremonies with Mayor Tom Bradley, Festival Director Robert J. Fitzpatrick and performers Rachel Rosenthal, the Brass Consortium and Michael White's Original Liberty Jazz Band, City Hall, south stairway, noon; luncheon with invited dignitaries, City Hall, 1 p.m.; performance (invitation only) of Le Cirque du Soleil, the Big Tent, First and Alameda streets, 8 p.m.

TICKETS: Ranging from free to $90; can be purchased at Ticketron outlets ((213) 410-1062) or at the Festival box office at the Embassy Hotel ((213) 622-3771).

TICKET SPECIALS: More than 10,000 tickets are being offered through the Festival Outreach Program, which includes a Senior Series, in which discounted tickets are offered to senior citizens for 25% of the total cost; a Subsidized Ticket program, in which 3,000 tickets are being sold at a 75% discount rate and 2,000 tickets are being given away free to the economically disadvantaged; and a Student Series, in which special performances are being presented to about 5,000 students. The Music Center Education Division will also offer curriculum guides and will present lectures before the performances.

LARGEST TICKET ORDER: Festival box office reports that a number of individuals have spent as much as $3,000 each for selected performances.

SOLD-OUT EVENTS: "The Mahabharata" marathons and its first set of consecutive nights, Sept. 8-10; performances by the Wooster Group, Earth Players & South Africa Market Theater, Ra-Ra Zoo; Circus Comedy Theatrer, El Tricicle, Roadside Theater, Michael Clark and Company and Rachel Rosenthal. Also, the Lyon Opera Ballet's productions of "Cendrillon"; Compagnie Maguy Marin's "Babel Babel" performances and the John Cage Celebration with Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

MERCHANDISE: Festival pins with logo, $7.50; posters with the brochure's cover image, $10; white or black T-shirts with Festival logo, $10; black sweatshirts with Festival logo, $18; white cotton sheeting shirt with Festival logo, $20. All merchandise will be sold at the venues listed above.

FOOD: Boxed suppers for "The Mahabharata" marathons may be ordered through Raleigh Studios Cafe at (213) 462-1963. Seven different meals, including various chicken dishes, salads and Indian cuisine, will be available. Prices range from $10 to $18.

LARGEST PRODUCTION AND CAST: "The Mahabharata" a $1.25-million production with a cast of 28.

SMALLEST CAST: Rachel Rosenthal, performance artist. Cast of one.

FARTHEST TRAVELED GROUP: South Africa's Earth Players and Market Theatre, which traveled approximately 10,793 miles from Johannesburg.


DRIVERS: Twenty-seven people are responsible for driving the artists to rehearsals, interviews and other excursions.

RETURNS: John Cage, born in Los Angeles, returns for his 75th birthday celebration. Ingmar Bergman returns to Hollywood to direct his debut of "Miss Julie" for the American stage with the Royal Dramatic Theatre from Stockholm.

INFORMATION: (213) 622-3771.

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