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A Wee Bit of Normalcy

September 04, 1987| Compiled by the Fashion87 staff

It's been anything but dull at the North Beach leather shop on Sunset Boulevard. Elton John stopped in to buy a navy leather dress trimmed in brass buttons and nautical details. About an hour later, says Buddy Charles of the store, Pee-wee Herman showed up. "He looked quite un-Pee-weeish, wearing sunglasses and a 4-day-old beard, but he acted very nice and normal," Charles says of the kookie, clean-cut comic. Herman took home a black bomber jacket. Last but hardly least, Phil Collins came by for a bottle of the store's lanolin-based leather-moisturizing lotion.Her Closet's in Top 10

Where does Jean (Mrs. Casey) Kasem get those outrageous outfits? Inquiring minds want to know, according to Michael Roche. He and Victor de la Pena, owners of Addictions on Sunset Boulevard, design the wild clothes that fill Kasem's closet. "It's the size of a football field," Roche tells Listen, adding that the contents will soon be featured in the National Inquirer. Hanging in there, we assume, is the Hawaiian-print mermaid sheath, trimmed with turquoise tulle, that Kasem wore recently on television's "The Late Show." Connie Parente, who designs all the jewelry for Addictions, says she contributed a pair of fruit-decorated hoop earrings. For Kasem's recent appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show, the jewelry designer added lime-green gum-ball earrings and a bracelet. Roche says each head-to-toe outfit costs $2,000 to $3,000, and it's worn just once. Then Kasem hangs it you-know-where.

Rerun of '50s Styles

If you saw Frankie and Annette in "Back to the Beach" and it made you want to put on a poodle skirt, you might check out a new store in Sherman Oaks. It's called ReRuns, and it's stocked with nothing but '50s fashions. Owners Michael Gilchrist and Pamela Holdridge have an eye for old bowling shirts, sharkskin suits and speckled tweeds. And for you who wish you were Marilyn, capri pants.

A Costume That Sings

Lesley Ann Warren's playing a country singer-songwriter in her next movie, and her grand-finale costume sounds like a show stopper. Clifford Olson, who designed the dress, says it is suede and gold lame with rhinestones and gold studs, snakeskin-and-suede laces, ragged-edge ruffles and a sweetheart neckline. He was asked to make it by the movie's costumer, Ruth Meyer, who came to him and said: "This is my fantasy." He took it from there.

Wearing Your Team Colors

The colored sunscreen craze has a new installment--precisely timed for the new football season. Team Colors, just out from Lakewood, Ohio-based Bonne Bell, gives NFL and college football fans a chance to say so on their faces. The $4.50 packs of face-decorating zinc oxides are geared to the colors of 12 NFL and nine college teams, including USC's crimson and gold. It's enough to make Listen wish the L.A. Raiders would do something about their uncosmetic colors--silver and black. Team Colors will be distributed through drugstores and college book stores.

Dressing Up in Philadelphia

At least it's not Philadelphia, or is it? Check the label. The city's third annual, home-grown, fashion-talent exhibition is starting Oct. 16. And while Philadelphia can claim only third place in the nation in apparel manufacturing, it has big plans. The exhibition title is a hint: "Philadelphia Dresses the World."

A Change of Shoes

Eighties wisdom has it that you can't be too rich, too thin or own too many high-tops. On that last point, Listen has discovered a new sneaker with multiple possibilities. The shoe, called Change-Ups, lets the wearer interchange canvas tops with a single rubber sole. It comes in 28 styles and assorted colors, including deck shoes, slip-ons and patterned versions. The detachable shoe--about $10 for both tops and bottoms--is distributed by Kobacker Co. of Columbus, Ohio, and hits L.A. this week at Patrini Shoes.

New Jewels for the Crown

Costume jewelry kingpin Kenneth Jay Lane is about to give his glitz-and-glitter treatment to a line of hair accessories. Lane's new 70-piece hair-jewelry collection for Riviera will consist of clips, combs and barrettes covered with cut-crystals and faux gems. The line, which will include Art Deco-, animal- and Byzantine-inspired styles, will be introduced at Lane's shops and selected department stores in early October. Expect to pay more than the price of a bobby pin: The line is $25 to $150.

Cure for In-Between Blues

Even stars suffer those in-between hairdos. Stylist Allen Edwards tells Listen that actress Anne Bancroft was in one of those shaggy, layered phases after doing some recent film work. She dropped into Edwards' Beverly Hills salon last weekend and ended up with what he calls a "fractured geometric cut." Translated: chin-length, wavy, less layered hair--in a shade of honey auburn. Edwards, also trimmed actress Donna Mills' hair last week.

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