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Returning to the U.S. After 12-Year Absence

September 05, 1987

I have lived in Denmark the past 12 years and although the Danes have no love for the Soviet Union, they fear Ronald Reagan's war policy more. He is called a war lover.

Upon my recent return to United States I was shocked to find my country in a political, religious and financial mess riddled with corruption, crime and greed.

Reagan boasts to the world that Americans stand tall. Americans stand so tall that they cannot see inert bodies lying on the sidewalks and the dirt littering the streets under their feet.

The Iran- contra debacle revealed a lack of leadership in the executive branch giving carte blanche to greedy unscrupulous super-patriots with anti-communist zeal who were depositing millions of dollars in Swiss banks for their own profitable schemes.

Millions of dollars sorely needed for the millions of Americans without decent health care, without homes, without security against crime.

The blame should be put on a gullible, politically naive and television-oriented electorate who are blindly swayed by charm and smooth con talk, and a media, whose integrity could be improved upon in reporting and informing the people.

We have a well-heeled sector of our society who want and believe in democracy until they have to share their affluent democracy with the poor.

Our government should stop interfering in governments who want to give their people a freedom from poverty, war and a secure way of life, and clean up the political, social and economic mess in our own country.


Los Angeles

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