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September 06, 1987

Alan Eichler's list of celebrity records continues with--of course--the flip side:

"Burgess Meredith Sings the Songs From 'How the West Was Won' " (Colpix)--Since this was an MGM movie, one wonders why Columbia Pictures spent the money to promote it? (Out of print/Roulette)

"In My Own Way--I Love You" (Capitol)--Anthony Quinn in a romantic mood. (Out of print)

"Calypso Is Like So!" (Capitol)--Robert Mitchum in a calypso mood, but it has a great cover. Currently reissued by French Capitol.

"Rock, Gently" (Stanyan)--Even Rock Hudson himself was reportedly disappointed in this collection of Rod McKuen songs, which had a companion book published of photos from the recording session. His first recording since Decca's "Roly Poly." (Out of print)

"Claudine" (A&M)--Was Claudine Longet a singer who acted or an actress who sang? (Out of print)

"The Odd Couple Sings" (London)--Tony Randall and Jack Klugman do like the title says. Put it on your shelf alongside Laverne and Shirley (Atlantic) and Archie and Edith (RCA). (Out of print/PolyGram)

"Palance" (Warner Brothers)--Jack Palance goes country. Enough said. (Out of print)

"Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky and Me" (MGM)--As the title suggests, Jayne Mansfield recites sonnets to classical backgrounds. You'd do better trying to find her rare 20th Century Fox album, "Jayne Mansfield Busts Up Las Vegas." (Out of print/PolyGram).

"Let's Get Together" (Vista)--Hayley Mills enjoyed a singles hit with the title cut, but the rest is just too cute. (Out of print)

"Angela Cartwright Sings" (Star-Bright)--Ditto this one by Danny Thomas' TV daughter, which doesn't even have a hit to redeem it. Just a lot of screeching. (Out of print)

"Kurt Russell" (Capitol)--Made when he was quite young, this belongs alongside Bobby Sherman and the Cassidy brothers. (Out of print)

"Born to Sing" (Columbia)--Phyllis Diller tried hard, but she actually sang better on her first comedy album, "Wet Toe in a Hot Socket." (Out of print)

"Fashions in Music" (MGM)--Recorded during the days of her TV popularity on "The Big Payoff" (which proved to be quite prophetic), Bess Myerson plays piano on the record and models mink coats on the cover. (Out of print/PolyGram)

"Barbara Cartland's Album of Love Songs Sung Especially for You" (Monza)--Just as it says--12 of them.

"Love in Any Language" (MGM)--Elke Sommer is no Dietrich. She's not even Hildegard Knef. (Out of print/PolyGram)

"The Flying Nun Sings" (Colgems)--Sally Field tried so hard to overcome this one that she went on to win two Oscars. (Out of print/Columbia Pictures)

"Miss Rona Sings Hollywood's Greatest Hits" (Miss Rona Records)--Rona Barrett released this herself and includes her straight version of "Over the Rainbow." (Out of print)

"Songs of His Time/Songs of My Time" (Spark)--Keith Michell performing songs of Henry VIII on one side, contemporary ditties on the other. (Out of print)

"Albert Finney's Album" (Motown)--Many actors have recorded bad albums that are easily forgotten, but Albert Finney on Motown cannot be ignored--nor the 60 studio musicians who are all identified by name. (Out of print)

"Mad About the Boy" (Inner City)--This is considered Cybill Shepherd's "good" album, with notes by Leonard Feather and a jazz combo that includes Stan Getz. I prefer the less-pretentious Cole Porter set.


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