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Deukmejian to Head Bicentennial Ball

September 06, 1987|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

California celebrates the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17. The California Bicentennial Foundation for the Constitution has proclaimed the Governor's Ball, and Gov. George Deukmejian and his wife, Gloria, will join a jubilant crowd at Independence Hall at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park.

Five super Southland citizens will be lauded as "Spirit of America Award Recipients": George L. Argyros, Margaret Martin Brock, Athalie Irvine Clarke, Rafer Johnson and Danny Villanueva. Raymond D. Edwards, chairman of the board of Glendale Federal Savings & Loan Assn., has been singled out for the Bicentennial Citizen Award.

Major movers involved: Ross M. Blakely and Bonita Granville Wrather, co-chairs of the foundation board; the political kingpins of the California 200 Council, which includes the governor as honorary chairman; astronaut Buzz Aldrin; and California Bicentennial Commissioners Jane A. Crosby, Marguerite P. Justice, Coanne Cubete and Jackie E. Ramos.

Johnny Grant will be master of ceremonies; Rev. Robert H. Schuller will do the invocation.

Party co-chairmen are an illustrious lot: Henry Salvatori, Donald M. Koll, Fred W. O'Green, Paul Ziffren, Maxy Pope Alles, Paul and Virginia Knott Bender, Ross M. Blakely and Carl N. Karcher, for starters.

Gold tables are going fast at $5,000 (for 10).

OFFICIAL FIRST: The Associates of Caltech are especially pleased because their Oct. 1 dinner will be the first major social appearance of Caltech's new president, Thomas E. Everhart, former chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana. He'll be introduced by Associates president Robert Henigson of South Pasadena.

That evening Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann will discuss "Simplicity and Complexity in the Description of Nature." An erudite topic always precedes the dinner in Caltech's gracious Italian Renaissance-style faculty club, theAthenaeum. Physicist Gell-Mann won the Nobel Prize in 1969 for his "Eightfold Way" classification of elementary particles.

IN VOICE: The Paulist Choristers of California so impressed the Pope last summer when they were in Rome that he invited the small group of boy singers (third through eighth grades) to sing a High Mass at the Vatican. On the evening of Sept. 18, Choristers supporters stage an evening of dinner and entertainment at the Century Room of the Century Plaza, hoping to raise funds to eventually establish a school.

The affair honors the Hon. William A. Wilson, former Ambassador to the Vatican. Susan Milford is chairman with Tricia Ver Halen. The Choristers will also be singing with Placido Domingo at the Coliseum when he performs for the Pope. Benefit honorary chairmen include Betsy Bloomingdale, Fiorenza Courtright, Gerry Frawley, Virginia Milner, Marion Jorgensen, Pam Mullin, Katie Osterloh, Chardee Trainer, Mignon Winans and Bonita Wrather.

PAST PERFECT: "Is It Love?" played on the jukebox. They had a pretty good time in September, 1963. Jack Kennedy was alive. "Blue Velvet" was the No. 1 song. "But, more importantly," said Jim Galbraith, "Peggy Rodi transferred to Pomona College, and 21 years ago tonight Peggy and I were married." Then, having gathered multitudes of pals for a surprise party at the Chronicle in Pasadena, he plopped a big kiss. Everyone applauded.

The Chronicle's parking lot was tented. Since Galbraith, Randy Stockwell and James Cheney have all joined Lud Renick as owners in the well-known restaurant, there was clout for a pretty tent. It was bursting with well-wishers: Bill and Eileen Zimmerman, Penny and Adam Bianchi, Steve and Kay Onderdonk, Olin and Ann Barrett, Elayne and Tom Techentin, Rosemary and Jon Schroeder, Janine and Bill Myers (she's Jim Galbraith's assistant and planned all the party details), Melinda Winston, Jay and Barbara Niblo and the Galbraiths' trio--Laura, Katherine and Robby--who almost gave the secret away with their enthusiasm. Oh, yes, and a four-tier wedding cake.

ESCALATION: British Consul-General Donald F. Ballentyne and his wife, Elisabeth, hosted a reception this week to introduce Michael Clark and Company, participants in the Los Angeles Festival. . . .

L. A. Master Planner, the comprehensive listing of social/cultural/political events, gears up to celebrate its first anniversary Thursday at the Hollywood Diner. Patrick Terrail, Diner owner (former owner of Ma Maison), hosts. Publisher/president Elisabeth Familian is anticipating a large crowd of friends.

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