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Hollywood Redevelopment

September 07, 1987

It's a bad plan and needs to be stopped dead.

Despite his mellifluous reassurances to the contrary, Councilman Woo supports the billion-dollar bonanza for the over-developers.

What's in store for us? Traffic jams--28,000 more cars daily in and around the major Highland-to-the-Valley artery. As you wait on Highland you can thank Woo.

By suppressing information, the CRA diverts public attention away from behind the scenes fakery.

We object to the overcrowding. We object to projects put in the wrong area. They say it's all done to get criminals and drug dealers out of town. But the end does not justify the means.

We the people want fewer certified checks changing hands and more checks and balances. We are trying to keep Hollywood from going on the auction block.



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