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Bill Retaining $50 Community College Fee Sent to Governor

September 09, 1987|Associated Press

SACRAMENTO — Bills to retain the current $50 community college fee and allow students to attend any community college regardless of district went to the governor Tuesday.

The state Assembly vote was 46 to 27 for the fee bill sponsored by Assemblyman Patrick Johnston (D-Stockton).

The Legislature in 1984 imposed the $50-a-semester fee for community colleges, the first-ever fee of its kind. That law ends Jan. 1. The fee is bringing the two-year colleges $76 million this year.

The bill would extend the fee until Jan. 1, 1992, and restructure it. Instead of $50 per semester for students taking six or more units and $5 per unit for students taking less than six units, the new fee will be $5 per unit, up to $50. The bill would also allow colleges to impose a fee for health services, which was suspended by the 1984 law.

Colleges have been allowed to assess students a fee of $10 per course, up to $20, for dropping courses after the first two week of instruction. That drop fee ends July 1, 1988, and the bill would keep that ending date.

The "free-flow" bill being carried by Assemblyman Tom Hayden (D-Santa Monica) was approved 60 to 10.

It would prohibit community college districts from imposing restrictions on attendance by students from other districts, unless the state Board of Governors has approved temporary, two-year restrictions.

The state community college chancellor could withhold up to 5% of a district's basic state financing for violation of the law.

The Hayden bill also would allow districts that have attendance agreements in place to continue to follow them until their expiration.

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