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Marylouise Oates

Hot Helena's Sets Sites on the Westside

September 09, 1987|Marylouise Oates

INSIDE MOVES, INSIDE TALK--Helena's, the glitzy private club that made the Silver Lake neighborhood fashionable-adjacent, is looking to move to the always fashionable Westside. Guess the Brat Pack won't have to drive so far. . . . Another move from that Silver Lake neighborhood is one being urged by the friends of Senate Speaker Pro Tem Mike Roos. They are telling Roos to make a run for mayor in 1988.

MEMORIES--Remember in 1929, when Mary Pickford was starring in "Coquette," Janet Gaynor was putting her hands in cement outside what's now called Mann's Chinese Theater and Bullocks Wilshire opened its Art Deco flagship store on Wilshire Boulevard?

On Sept. 25, Bullocks Wilshire gets together with Mann's Chinese, celebrating it's 60th anniversary this year, and provides an evening full of memories. The splashy reception at the landmark store will benefit those who have been robbed of all precious memories, because the evening is a gift to the John Douglas French Foundation for Alzheimer's Disease.

Putting together the details for the lavish evening--a fund-raiser, but more a celebration of the four years of successful fund-raising done by the group--are Dorothy Kirsten French; Rhonda Fleming Mann, whose husband, Ted, owns the theater chain; board member Sally Sturdy Stewart; Terry Lundgren, the new president of the department store, and his wife, Nancy; and Shirley Wilson, the coordinator of the "Salute to Hollywood." That's the two-week fashion extravaganza that the party kicks off.

And, in an on-going commitment to the charity, Bullocks Wilshire will put on sale the "Forget-Me-Not" sapphire, diamond and gold pin--selling for $1,000, with all the profit going to the foundation. French said Jack Lemmon had already called and put in his request for the first one.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS--It's not a memorial--because, as her friends said, "Olive wouldn't have wanted that." Instead, it's a "Celebration of Olive Behrendt," Oct. 21 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, with Andre Previn conducting the L.A. Philharmonic. More details to come.

UPCOMING--Look for stars galore, since Aaron Spelling has invited his friends to a Sept. 18 Salute to Hollywood benefiting the United Cerebral Palsy Associations. Honored that evening are John and Nancy Morgan Ritter and Henry Winkler. The invitation looks like "Who's Who" in Hollywood, and Nancy Zarif (the daughter of Marvin and Barbara Davis) makes her big black-tie dinner debut, chairing the event at the Beverly Hilton. . . .

Don't forget: the splashy, flashy party benefiting CHIPs and featuring Bob Mackie's "The Best of the Best" is set for Oct. 9 at the Century Tower. . . .

The West Coast Friends of Brandeis University host former Sen. John Tunney and former candidate for the Senate Bruce Herschensohn as they "Dialogue over Dessert" next Wednesday evening at the Westwood Marquis.

WHOOPS--We love the Foundation for Children with Learning Disabilities, its terrific spark plug Carrie Rozelle, the $3 million in grants given in the last 10 years and applaud its Sept. 27 fund-raiser here. But somebody should tell the folks who put together the invite that their insistent use of the term "Mrs." makes it look like many of the women on their committee have been divorced--and that's not true. Carrie Rozelle is identified as "Mrs. Pete Rozelle"--and indeed she is.

But looking down the list, there are dozens like "Mrs. Juli Hutner, Mrs. Nina Lief, Mrs. Marjorie Fasman"--a faux pas since the women mentioned are very much married and the use of Mrs. with a woman's first name means she is no longer. Hurrah--that hard-working volunteers are finally given their due by their own names. But ditch the "Mrs." folks--or it will look like the divorce rate is even higher than it is.

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