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Local Leaders Say They Are Too Split to Handle Job : Long Beach Head Start Loses Its U.S. Funding

September 10, 1987|DARYL KELLEY | Times Staff Writer

Hamilton-Goss said the charges in the letter had all been investigated by the board of directors or Fleischer's office and were found to be without merit.

But Rivera, a LULAC member and appointee from the city of Hawaiian Gardens, said he has found "sloppy management" since joining the board in June.

"When I started getting into management disbursements and financial affairs, I was flabbergasted," said Rivera, who is a program director at Jobs for Progress, which handles job training for several area cities.

No changes were made despite his protests to Fleischer, Rivera said.

Rivera also insisted that the board of directors had approved a budget. In addition, a quorum of directors had met several times in July and early August and no parent-approved budget had been presented to them, he said.

Hamilton-Goss acknowledged that a budget was proposed by a committee established by some directors, but it was $400,000 more than the $2.38 million federal officials indicated they would approve, she said.

The parent council objected to the proposed budget because they thought it was top-heavy in administrative salaries and would take services from children, she said.

Fleischer said that the board of directors did establish a budget committee but failed to include parents on it.

"Our staff advised them they had better get some (parent) council involvement," Fleischer said. But no parents participated, and parent approval is required by federal law, he said.

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