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Football Coaching Turnover Continues in Area

September 10, 1987

A disturbing trend in coaching positions continues in the Southeast/Long Beach area this fall as one-fourth of the area's high school head coaching jobs have changed hands.

The 11 first-year coaches are among 38 Southern Section and three City Section coaches in the area. Since The Times began keeping records four years ago there have been 44 coaching changes here.

Some schools have been especially hard hit. St. Anthony has had five head coaches in the last four seasons. California has had three in as many years.

On the positive side, the 1987 coaching changes represent the first dip in the changes in three years and suggest that the trend may have peaked. In 1985, 12 new coaches were appointed. Last year there were 13 changes.

Job openings are often the result of firings, resignations, promotions to better jobs within the educational system or the increased willingness of coaches to seek more prestigious coaching jobs at other schools. Also, the use of part-time or "walk-on" coaches may have accelerated the trend because of low pay or the frustration of not being able to get a full-time position. Coaches also list burnout, long hours and sub-standard pay as reasons for leaving the profession.

NEW SE/LB FOOTBALL COACHES Name: High School Tom Cruickshank: Pioneer

Bill Zylstra: California

Miguel Olmedo: St. Paul

Joe Hembrick: Lynwood

Ray Galarze: Bell

Tony Cruz: Centennial

Mark Karges: Downey

Michael Reisbig: St. Anthony

Mike Fitch: Whittier

Ed Cashman: Brethren

Willie Norman: Glenn

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