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Morning Briefing

Bosworth Doesn't Bother Elway

September 12, 1987

Rookie Brian Bosworth is expected to see considerable duty when Seattle plays Denver Sunday at Mile High Stadium, and the Seahawk linebacker has promised to take every opportunity to do physical damage to Bronco quarterback John Elway.

Advised of the threat, Elway just smiled.

"To be honest, I'd rather have him in there than not have him in there," Elway said. "From what I've seen, he's not a very good linebacker."

Add Bosworth: His successor at Oklahoma, Dante Jones, had a 58-yard touchdown run with a recovered fumble last Saturday against North Texas State.

"I had planned to do a little celebrating in the end zone," Jones said, "but by the time I got there, I was too tired to dance."

After the first round of the Bank of Boston golf tournament, Curtis Strange went to the Boston-Baltimore game at Fenway Park. Before the game, he visited with Oriole third baseman Ray Knight, husband of Nancy Lopez.

Said Strange: "Before I knew it, I was in full uniform and shagging fly balls in left field against the Green Monster. After about 20 minutes, they talked me into getting into the batting cage and taking a few swings. I thought, 'What the hell am I doing here?' But it was a lot of fun. It made my day."

Trivia Time: Who was the pitcher that Joe Adcock literally chased from the mound? (Answer below.)

From the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy: "The Yankees aren't George Steinbrenner's only troubled enterprise. American Ship Building Co., a Florida-based corporation chaired by Steinbrenner, is plunging. Shares went for $17 in 1981 but have dropped as low as $7.125. The company's value reportedly has dropped from about $102 million to $42.7 million."

After Don Sutton had a ball confiscated for the third time in the past month Thursday night, one writer referred to him as the Sultan of Scuff.

Said reserve running back O.J. Anderson, when asked his role with the New York Giants: "My role? It's 'O.J., go over there. O.J., go back there. Now, go over there, O.J.' That's it. I have no role. I do what they tell me."

Sid Gillman, asked who was the greatest quarterback he'd ever seen, told Greg Logan of Newsday: "Joe Namath was probably the best, but every time I look at Dan Marino, I think, 'My God, is it physically possible to get rid of the ball any faster.' "

Gillman said it usually takes three or four years for a quarterback to develop but said of Marino, "He's the 7-year-old violin prodigy who makes his debut with the Philharmonic."

Some coaches believe that the role of the quarterback is overemphasized, but Gillman said, "You don't know how important a quarterback is until you don't have one."

11 Years Ago Today: On Sept. 12, 1976, Minnie Minoso singled in three trips to the plate as the designated hitter for the Chicago White Sox. At 53, he became the oldest player to collect a hit in a regulation game.

Trivia Answer: Ruben Gomez of the New York Giants. In a 1956 game at Milwaukee, he hit Adcock with a pitch. On his way to first base, Adcock suddenly veered toward the mound. Gomez threw a ball at him and then raced for the dugout with Adcock in hot pursuit. Gomez got there first and remained there until he was given a police escort back to his hotel.


Todd Phipers of the Denver Post: "If the NCAA gave Kansas State's football program the death penalty, wouldn't it be justifiable homicide?"

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