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Marxist Propaganda

September 13, 1987

Here's a note to letter-writer Steve Stoliar (Aug. 30):

A lot of us remember Groucho every day of the year, not just on Aug. 19, the day he died. He was a genius. My son is being raised by the Worldview According to Groucho (and Harpo and Chico)--a kid could do worse.

As for Messrs. Alberti and Wallis and their gratuitous digs at the Beatles: Let's not get carried away, folks! When you put down the Beatles simply to be fashionable or hip, you betray a wide, gaping hole in your musical sensibility--the music of Lennon and McCartney is beautiful and everlasting.

Take a few moments to remember--it wasn't a media god who wrote "Yesterday," "Blackbird," "If I Fell," "Eleanor Rigby," "Golden Slumbers," "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," "Mother Nature's Son," "Penny Lane"--well, those are melodies. With harmonies, and all that technical stuff.

Long after you guys have thrown your last tantrum, us peasants will still be humming, singing and playing the music of the Beatles.

And if this helps--I am a classical pianist. And I still love those bums!


Van Nuys

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