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Broken Celebrity Records

September 13, 1987

Let me applaud your courage and fortitude in publishing Peter H. Brown's article ("Records That Were Made to Be Broken," Sept. 6).

In these days of wishy-washy news reporting, where drug smuggling on U.S. Air Force bases is relegated to the back page of your daily newspaper, it's refreshing to know that at least one aspect of The Times is still out there hunting down the big story.

Since you have finally shown your radical bent, here are some other hard-hitting stories you might like to tackle:

"Funny License Plates of Hollywood Agents"

"Elvis Presley/Clark Gable: Why They Won't Be Interviewed"

"Are Kidney-Shaped Pools a Thing of the Past?"

"From Hedda Hopper to Cher: A Chronology of Hats"

"Peter H. Brown Remembers 'The Lawman' "

"Cheese Snacks of the Rich and Famous"

"Vidal Sassoon's Hair Styles for the Lonely"

"Movie Executives Sitting Around in their Shorts"

"How to Fill a Newspaper Supplement When There's Nothing to Talk About"



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