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Rep. Dornan and Heckler

September 13, 1987

Rep. Robert K. Dornan ("Dornan's Reply to Heckler Story," Sept. 6) disputes Times reporter Mark Pinsky's accurate account that Dornan shouted, "Yell once more and your ass is going to be thrown out!" at an elderly woman on Aug. 22. However, there were several dozen of us who heard exactly that--a remark in keeping with Dornan's well-known style.

Dornan claims that he has a recording of the event to prove his own version. But we all know that recordings can be doctored, and Dornan is not above doing that. Nor was he above using public funds to mail cards to the public inviting them to view his showing of the Oliver North slide show, a practice of dubious legality.

The Orange County Central America Network (six Orange County organizations) called a press conference and peaceful demonstration in front of the school prior to the event to protest the use of our tax money to invite the public to hear the lies and false propaganda of Oliver North.

We also wish to express our dismay that scarcely two weeks after the presidents of the five Central American nations had signed a peace accord, Rep. Dornan was showing North's warmongering, deceptive slide show designed to whip up war hysteria.

In his letter to The Times, Dornan characteristically tried to wrap himself in the red, white and blue, while claiming that "those who sought to disrupt this public gathering are supporters of the Communist Sandinista government which denies the people of Nicaragua the basic freedoms of speech, assembly and press."

What we support is the right of the people, the sovereign nation of Nicaragua, and its democratically elected government to be free from militaristic aggression by the United States and its puppet contra terrorists. What we support is the rule of law--U.S. law, the U.S. Constitution, international law, the World Court ruling and order to the U.S. to cease its support for the contras and its illegal aggression against Nicaragua. We support the overwhelming U.N. Security Council and General Assembly votes urging the U.S. to obey the order of the World Court.

We support the right of the U.S. people to have their will obeyed when the majority consistently registers its opposition to the war. Apparently, it is the rule of law, U.S. and world opinion which Dornan opposes and finds so frightening and dangerous.



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