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We the People: THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION AFTER 200 YEARS : Staff for Special Report on the Constitution's Bicentennial

September 13, 1987

Los Angeles Times reporters, editors, photographers, artists and researchers from Washington and Los Angeles composed the team for this special section.

Reporters: David Lauter, David Savage, Rudy Abramson, Lee May, Karen Tumulty, Norman Kempster, Robert L. Jackson and David Ferrell.

Photographers: Bernie Boston and Al Stephenson.

Editors: Gerald J. Brown, Arthur M. Berman, Richard T. Cooper, Joel Havemann and Tom McCarthy.

News Editor: Steve Mitchell.

Copy Editors: Larry Pryor, Bruce McLeod, Roger Julin, Steven Devol.

Researchers: Mildred Simpson, Barclay Walsh and Doug Conner.

Art Director: Tom Trapnell.

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