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Kissinger on Nicaragua

September 14, 1987

Kissinger "realpolitik" won't cut it in Nicaragua because it's flawed as usual by lack of caring for the condition of the people of the world.

We all want enough food to fill our stomachs, enough medical care to be healthy, enough education to give us hope for our children and enough liberty to feel free.

Marxism exists in the world because it fills some of these human needs, giving people food, medical care and education--at the terrible price of their political freedom.

We encourage Marxism in country after country because we offer democracy without care for people's daily needs--democracy which gives people freedom to toil, starve, sicken and die.

Nicaragua--and the world--belong to the sociopolitical system that can offer people both bread and freedom. The Marxists cannot. We do not.

It is a poor substitute to have the CIA hire a rabble of hit men to win the hearts and minds of the people by killing them.



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