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Mark's Harmony

September 20, 1987

Pat H. Broeske's Sept. 6 Outtakes item left Mark Harmon's commercial future waving somewhere out there along with Coors' fields of barley.

Our firm provides research and strategic consulting services for many of the nation's largest beverage companies. After your article, we did a quick check with several of the corporate and advertising powers-that-be.


Spuds McKenzie, nine more months, a well-deserved bone, and back to the kennel. Traditionally, pooches pass precipitously. More bark than bite.

The good ole Bartles & Jaymes boys, two declining years. Will finally be snuffed when public boredom do-them-part. Listed cause of death: terminal stupidity.

Bruce Willis, maybe a year and a half more, then back behind the bar. Of course, by then he will own the bar(s). Can't stay crazy, young and rumpled forever, Bruce.

Mark Harmon, in a year or two, really hitting stride. Bedrock female and male appeal. Wows ad execs with what they call mainline charisma. Classic case of impending political career, either party. (We once had an actor who. . . .)

What does Harmon have that is special? Marketeers advise us that he taps "enduring values." The gray-flannel world believes he is money in the bank. (Coincidentally, Coors tells us the same thing.)



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