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Donna Rice

September 20, 1987

Where is the new morality when you really need it?

Donna Rice gets a Calendar cover and an ABC deal because she "maybe" slept with Gary Hart.

Lucy de Barbin writes a best-selling book and gets an NBC deal because she "allegedly" slept with Elvis Presley and claims one of her six children is a result of that union.

Jessica Hahn becomes famous because she slept with a TV minister and accepted a quarter of a million dollars hush money.

The press has to start taking responsibility for making these irresponsible people celebrities!

If Donna Rice couldn't make it as an actress in her 10 long years of trying, why should we care how she capitalizes on the scandal of two very brief weekends with a presidential candidate?

This trend is becoming ridiculous. At least when we had diseases of the week, we were shown brave people overcoming incredible obstacles.

If we must keep hearing about the Gary Hart affair, let's hear about the true heroine of the debacle, his courageous wife, Lee. There's a woman worth writing about.


Beverly Hills

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