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Donna Rice

September 20, 1987

Your article on would-be actress, wouldn't-be bimbo Donna Rice gave my Sunday enough giggles to last a week. On the cover and elsewhere you call her "The Media Star of 1987." She's not, she's just one of a trio of bimbos to make the news this past spring.

Early on, Donna states, "I hate womanizers." This probably accounts for the closeness of her friendship with Gary Hart.

Here you have devoted a huge number of pages to a woman who claims to aspire to an acting career, yet it contains no indication that she has ever studied acting, or ever set foot on any stage. She's an actress with no experiences at all! Just the sort of dedicated professional we've come to look forward to reading about in Calendar.

Rosenfield writes: "In terms of the media there has basically been one question: How to handle this woman?" Wrong. The one question is, Did they or didn't they?

And the reason Donna hasn't answered it is because the instant we have the answer, all the Rice-baloney in the press will instantly halt, and Rice will have to take acting lessons to pursue a theatrical career.

Rice tells us her story is about the cost of compromising versus non-compromising, and that she didn't take the easy way out. I guess that studying your craft, struggling to get by while acting in anything you can get a part in and paying your dues is compromising and the easy way out, and being with a nationally known married politician is the non-compromise route.

Rice asks, "Why didn't they (the press) ask whether Lynn Armandt spent the night with (Hart friend) Bill Broadhurst? I guess it's because I'm 'The Girl.' "

No Donna, it's because Hart was a presidential front-runner, while Broadhurst, Armandt and you are nobodies.

As for Rice's book deals, agents and managers and the one-breast-or-two controversy, spare me.

At least the article provided me with the only publication I've seen in more than a week that didn't have the Pope on the cover. Thank heaven for small favors.



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