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Donna Rice

September 20, 1987

The Donna Rice Syndrome, as mentioned in Rosenfield's article, is only a symptom of a disease that has afflicted most members of the mass media and that threatens to infect all journalism students.

The media today is controlled by a few powerful corporations, monopolies that dictate an agenda of fast-food servings called news to distract the masses from substance and truth.

Gone are the gutsy reporters who probed and poked into a lead, found a story and reported with focused integrity. What we have now on television news and in the print arena are people afraid to take a stand, to churn up the real issues of today and tell the truth.

If you look close enough, there isn't much of a difference between Mary Hart, Paul Moyer or Tom Brokaw.

The message being sent to journalism students is clear: Nail down an MTV subject, collect the sizzle, forget the steak, and everything will be OK.

Our society is being served fast-food news, devoid of any integrity, handled by a few powerful merchants. Donna Rice is not a syndrome. She is merely a burger.


Los Angeles

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