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Donna Rice

September 20, 1987

Let's all give Donna Rice's "packaging agents" a hand.

I find it unforgivingly pathetic that the L.A. Times wasted five pages on this self-proclaimed bimbo in a bathing suit. And not even a good looking one at that!

Rosenfield may feel Rice is a worthwhile subject to waste that much time, ink and paper on, but please don't underestimate your readers.

She is not worthwhile reading, and no amount of Hollywood Filler & Hype will make her so. Life magazine editor managing editor Pat Ryan was correct in assuming that there isn't a market for Donna Rice where sophisticated people are concerned.

There wasn't anything in Rosenfield's article that showed any depth or character to Rice. What it did show is how well she is being packaged and coached to say "the right thing" to create the illusion of someone with "integrity and dignity."

Just to show how inept she is, using her own words: "This could have happened to anyone." Well don't flatter yourself, babe, it definitely could not have happened to anyone who actually possessed the qualities of integrity and dignity.

Why doesn't someone buy her a dictionary so she can find out what these words mean?

Nah, she's gotten this far by being in the dark, why rain on her trite parade.



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