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Donna Rice

September 20, 1987

Let's be objective and analytical. What did Donna Rice do to catapult her above the thousands of other actresses looking for a break? Face it, had she been with a married plumber or mechanic, she would still be selling pharmaceuticals.

Making her a star for this is an affront to Lee Hart, the innocent victim in the triangle who is forced to see the woman's face in newspapers.

It is an affront to the scores of decent struggling actresses who train and audition diligently, hoping to hit the limelight the right way.

It's an affront to all the young men who have no equal opportunity or access to such methods of advancement.

To write "Why is there continued media interest in Donna Rice?" is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Frankly, I haven't heard anyone discuss her for two months.

There are numerous brilliant directors, producers and entertainers who shape the industry with their talent and hard work. Put them on the cover and keep the Calendar positive.


Los Angeles

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