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Just In Case Not Every Series Comes Up Roses . . .

September 20, 1987|Rick Sherwood

OK, so we've been deluged with the new TV season that opens tomorrow (officially). But since we know that most of 'em won't be around long, what's coming up NEXT?

As usual, plenty.

CBS has the CBS Spirit, and the most back-ups:

"High Mountain Ranger," with Robert Conrad and his real sons as patrol rangers around Lake Tahoe.

"Just You and Me," sitcom about a young ad-man who uses vocal impressions on the job and at home with his 8-year-old daughter.

"Sid Caesar," half-hour about a health buff who tries to right wrongs done to friends and associates (starring you-know-who).

"Blue Skies," with Tom Wopat and Season Hubley in a drama about a family that leaves NYC for a simpler life in a small town.

"B-Men," starring Tim Patterson and Kevin Nesbite in an action comedy about high school buddies who become bounty hunters.

"Trial and Error," sitcom with Paul Rodriquez and Eddie Velez as very different Latino roomies from East L.A.

"The Doctors Wilde," with Joseph Bottoms, Jennifer Hetrick and Dr. Haing S. Ngor in a sitcom about top-notch but offbeat veterinarians.

NBC has a few shows that may Come Home:

"Day by Day," a laugher starring Doug Sheen and Linda Kelsey as a yuppie couple running a day-care center.

"Aaron's Way," contemporary (not costume) drama starring Merlin Olsen as an Amish man who moves his family to the Napa Valley.

The return of "The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd."

Team Peacock has "designated hitters" to air once a month beginning in October. Designated, that is, to eliminate early-in-the-season reruns of other programs. Like:

"Mama's Boy," a sitcom with ex-"Hill Street"-er Bruce Weitz as a hard-nosed syndicated columnist who lives with mom Nancy Walker.

"Beverly Hills Buntz," with Dennis Franz moving his "Hill Street" character to guess-where to open a detective agency.

"Bronz Zoo," featuring Ed Asner's return to school.

ABC, where Something's Happening:

"Just in Time," with Tim Matheson as editor of a financially strapped magazine and Patricia Kalember as his star columnist.

"Pursuit of Happiness," a comedy with Brian Keith as a college prof.

"Hothouse" (a.k.a. "The Clinic"), a drama set in a private psychiatric clinic featuring an ensemble cast.

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