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September 20, 1987

. . . That snooty ad for PacTel Cellular airing on classical music station KFAC claims that its product will appeal to the sort of person who can appreciate a Bartok symphony. Pardon us, but Bartok wrote no symphonies.

. . . Not that we don't make misspellings now and then--but we had to chortle over Patricia Brennan's Washington Post piece on Leonard Maltin and his anthology "TV Movies and Video Guide." She quotes Maltin's top 10 faves, including "Citizen Caine." Is that maybe Michael? Or was she thinking of "The Kane Mutiny"?

. . . Estate sale: Random House has launched its new Panache Press with two books of Andy Warhol cat drawings first "printed privately in the '50s" and published now to "celebrate the wit, style and originality of the emerging artist."

. . . Companies usually opt to cover up messes. But Warners Records sent out a hefty press release last week detailing assault charges against Ian Astbury, lead singer of rebellious-minded the Cult, resulting from a "fracas" during a recent performance in Vancouver.

. . . The premiere of NBC's "Private Eye" series, set in 1956, had a major plotline focused on payola in the rock 'n' roll biz, making reference to a federal task force investigation. Trouble is, payola was legal until 1960.

. . . Those magazine ads promoting a John Wayne Armed Forces Commemorative .45 uses a prominent photo of the Duke in military uniform, slugged "John Wayne, American." It's from a movie, of course. In real life, Wayne never served.

. . . Uh oh. Last week, we had John Stamos playing Dad in ABC's new "Full House" sitcom. Shoulda been Bob Saget.

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