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Winners Say Thanks In Myriad Ways

September 21, 1987

How do stars who have just won an Emmy give thanks? Let us count the ways:

Jackee, supporting actress in a comedy series, "227": "I wonder if I'll get paid more money?"

John Larroquette, supporting actor in a comedy series, "Night Court": After thanking God he gave special thanks to "whoever is responsible for getting Michael J. Fox out of this category."

Cathy Guisewite, writer of the best animated program, "Cathy": "I'd like to thank all the readers of 'Cathy' who are sitting at home destroying their diets while they watch the Emmys."

Alfre Woodard, guest performer in a drama series, "L.A. Law": "Thanks to all those anonymous prayers and good wishes sent up in my name . . . and to my contemporaries, the actors--you inspire me. It's a privilege to work among you."

Dabney Coleman, supporting actor in a miniseries or special, "Sworn to Silence": "When I was first asked to do this, I said, 'No, I don't want to,' but I finally extracted artistic autonomy and here I am."

Bruce Willis, lead actor in a drama series, "Moonlighting": "I share this with (executive producer) Glenn Caron, who gave me the job. I share it with Cybill Shepherd, and all the writers. I'd also like to thank my mom, who's in the hospital recovering from surgery." Willis also said there were four people on his list who were instrumental in his becoming an actor--the Three Stooges and Al Pacino in "The Godfather." "His performance inspired me to be an actor."

Sharon Gless, lead actress in a drama series, "Cagney & Lacey": "It's a pleasure to work with you anytime, Mr. (Barney) Rosenzweig. I'd like to thank my family, who has loved me all my life."

Richard Friedenberg, writing in a miniseries or special, "Promise": "In the beginning was the word, but by the time network executives and others get through with it, sometimes it's very thin. Garner-Duchow Productions surrounded me as a fortress with a team of people who believe in the word. I'd also like to thank the people at Hallmark, the true believers who made it happen. I can only hope this has opened the door a crack on schizophrenia."

James Woods, lead actor in a miniseries or special, "Promise": "Brotherhood is taken very seriously in my family, as my own brother knows. I consider (co-star) James Garner as my brother. I looked in his eyes for 12 hours every day and what I saw there brought me up these steps tonight."

Gena Rowlands, lead actress in a miniseries or special, "The Betty Ford Story": "My personal thanks to Betty Ford, a woman who had the courage to share some real dark moments of her life and some triumphs, a woman I consider a national treasure."

Rue McClanahan, lead actress in a comedy series, "The Golden Girls": "My mother said, 'Every kick's a boost,' and over the last 27 years, I've had lots of kicks and boosts. I'm not going to run through those who gave me the kicks . . . you know who you are, and you'll be in the book."

Michael J. Fox, lead actor in a comedy series, "Family Ties": "I wrote a speech because I was such a twit last year. I'd like to thank the Immigration and Naturalization Service for giving me my green card. I'd like to thank the writers, directors, amazing cast, the talented and hard-working crew and my mom and dad."

James Garner, co-executive producer of the drama/comedy special, "Promise": He was thankful for the relationship between co-stars Piper Laurie and James Woods. "I had a brother and I drew on that relationship, and I transferred it to Jimmy, and he transferred to me. We felt we were bringing a disease, schizophrenia, into the open to see and look and feel. For that, we are grateful."

Steve Bochco, executive producer of best drama series, "L.A. Law": "I'd like to thank my wife and kids who continually keep me focused on love, home and family."

Susan Harris, co-executive producer of the best comedy series, "The Golden Girls": "I'd like to thank Bea (Arthur), Betty (White), Rue and Estelle (Getty). They make words into magic. I'd also personally like to thank (co-executive producers) Paul (Junger Witt) and Tony (Thomas) and my son, Sam, who is really what's it all about."

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