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FAA Orders Investigation of Aircraft Manufacturers

September 21, 1987|United Press International

WASHINGTON — Federal Aviation Administration chief T. Allan McArtor said today he has ordered a special review of the nation's aircraft manufacturing industry.

McArtor said no specific incident prompted the unusual investigation but added there have been some unauthorized "bogus" parts used in planes in recent years, "which could pose a problem" if unchecked.

He said the investigation is aimed at ensuring the industry manufactures high quality products in light of rapid technological changes.

McArtor said the review will involve an in-depth check of a selective cross-section of about 40 of the 1,300 firms involved in making aircraft and components.

The inspection will include some of the largest as well as the smaller aircraft manufacturers, the FAA chief said.

Manufacturers expected to be scrutinized include Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, he said.

"I am not in any way questioning the quality or safety of these products up to this point," McArtor said at a news conference.

"What the FAA inspection is intended to do is make sure that the holders of FAA permits are fulfilling their responsibilities for quality control, that the FAA's own surveillance programs are adequate and that trends that might have an impact on safety are quickly identified," he said.

Bogus aircraft parts are those that are not approved by the FAA. There have been some instances in the past of bogus part usage, which is against the law, but the problem is not believed serious.

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